Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to our concert

❤️Music for a Good❤️

which will take place in May - June 2023 in the following cities:


Treat yourself to an unforgettable evening and enjoy the pieces by

✅Aram Khachaturian,
✅Pablo Sarasate,
✅Astor Piazzolla,
✅Gaspar Cassadó, and
✅Camille Saint-Saëns performed by

⭐Samuel Allan-Chapkovsky - violin
⭐Daniel Allan-Chapkovsky - cello
⭐Andranik Kechek - piano
Alexey Blyakhin who will perform songs in Ukrainian.

This is a charity concert aimed at raising funds to purchase an ❤️ ambulance equipped with intensive care facilities, which will be sent out to save people's lives in Ukraine with a team of volunteer doctors.
The concert host, baritone Alexey Blyakhin, is going to tell us more.
I met Samuel in 2013 when he became a laureate at the international competition "Young Tallinn." He impressed me with his virtuosо technique and charm. Back then, he looked like this:

Four years ago, I started organizing concerts-lectures dedicated to classical music, and it turned out that there is a whole family of musicians as Samuel's brother Daniel plays the cello.

We held our first joint concert in 2018. It was a thematic concert titled "The Music of Romanticism."

Samuel performed Glazunov's violin concerto with an orchestra, a rarely performed piece.

Back then, we didn't make professional video recordings, but here is a short excerpt from that concert.

25 sec fragment
Meanwhile, Samuel successfully participated in competitions, even won a named violin, and received a special scholarship to study violin in America.

You can find the full official list of victories and awards on the website below.

Our next joint project ran in 2021. I have a background in physics, and I have always been interested in the nature of sound and the structure of music.

I conducted a small study on this topic, and it resulted in the concert-lecture "Physics and History of Music" (2021). This is, as is trendy now, a chaotic compilation of concert fragments with a set of various scandalous statements.
Listen Samuel playing Camille Saint-Saëns' "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso" at this concert.

35 sec fragment
Daniel Allan-Chapkovsky and pianist Kirill Lysenko perform

"Gnossienne No. 1" by Erik Satie.

Don't ask me what the word "Gnossienne" means, nobody knows, Erik Satie himself made up this word.

In general, he invented a lot of things. For example, he came up with background music (furniture music), music that is not meant to be actively listened to, it is specifically written to serve as a backdrop.
Now there is a lot of such music, in supermarkets, elevators, hotels.

However, he invented this long before supermarkets appeared, and people didn't understand him at the time.

"Gnossienne No. 1" is an example of such background music.
30 sec fragment
In 2022, we held our first charity concert in Tallinn. At that time, we were raising funds to purchase electric generators for Ukraine.

Here's one of the concert fragments:

The song, originally sung by rice field workers in Italy, t talks about their hard life and how they lose their health working there. Later, the lyrics changed slightly, and the well-known resistance song emerged.
40 sec fragment

Several Ukrainian songs will also be performed by me during the concert.

This song is called "2 Colors": Red - the symbol of love, Black - the symbol of grief.
40 sec fragment

By the way, at this concert, all texts will be translated into German, English, and French languages in real-time during the performance using modern technologies.
Accompanying us will be a musician with whom we have long collaborated - composer, improviser, and teacher Andranik Kecheck. And now you can listen to a piece called


This little song was played at Jewish weddings in Odessa before the 1917 revolution and was called "A Bag of Coal".

Listen carefully, can you here something unexpected ?
15 sec fragment

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