Bluetooth-based contact tracking solution that helps companies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to continue the business during the pandemic.
How can it help?
In order to reduce the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, companies must respond quickly and adequately to the threat.

By knowing with whom the infected person has been in contact in the past 2 weeks, only the people carrying the risk can be isolated. It is still possible to continue the business operations with the rest.

In the case of infection, the C-tracer app helps to find out with whom the infected person has been in contact, without violating the privacy of the people.
How it works
The company concludes an agreement with the Service Provider ( for the provision of services.
The company appoints an internal coordinator to manage the use of the program.
All employees of the company download the app and activate it.
Bluetooth should always be switched on
As soon as two phones are nearby, they exchange their encrypted identifiers
In case an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they push a button in the app to send the internal coordinator their (encrypted) contacts from the last 14 days.
The coordinator makes appropriate organizational decisions - informs the exposed employees, isolates them, asks to get tested etc.
Report example
Risks have been detected in you company! 20.04.2020 13:00

These people were in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 during the last 14 days.

+3721234567 120 min.
+3721234568 95 min.
+3721234569 40 min.

Personal data and privacy
The contact list on a user's phone is encrypted and cannot be used to find out their contacts.
The information about contacts between people is available only to the coordinator and only when a user sends it from their app
The contact list does not contain a place of contact nor time of contact.
14 days after sending the report to the coordinator, the system deletes contact data from the server.

Open source applications
C-Tracker Android and iOS c-Tracker applications are open-source products a forks of
Many countries are launching national initiatives to trace contacts . How does this fit together?

For such programs, mass usage is critical. The more people connected to the program, the more effective it is. As soon as a national program of this kind is launched, C-tracker will either integrate with it or completely switch to it.

Icefire participates in the development of the Estonian national system as part of the Corona Consortium under the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

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